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Board of Directors

Message from the Chairperson...

"The South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance is pleased to continue to provide Members with competitive, quality coverage and effective services. The goal, since its inception in 1987, is to remain state-of-the-art in this complex industry. The confidence and support of its Members since 1987 has created a very viable partnership."

The Members representing you on the SDPAA Board of Directors are: 

Amy 6 Of 26

Mike Wiese, Chairperson
Brown County
Mobile: (605) 228-1237


Lisa Katzenstein, Vice Chairperson
Director of Administrative Services, City of Sturgis
Mobile: (605) 347-1417

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Kathy Glines, Secretary / Treasurer
Auditor, Harding County
Mobile: (605) 347-1246

Amy 24 Of 26

Steve Harding, At-Large
Mayor, City of Pierre
Mobile: (605) 295-2356

Amy 3 Of 26

Jim Borszich, Board Member
President and CEO, Greater Huron Development Corp, City of Huron 
Mobile: (605) 354-6655

Amy 21 Of 26

Rebecca Brunsing, Board Member
Finance Officer, City of Wagner
Mobile: (605) 491-2511

Cindy Picture

Cindy Brugman, Board Member
Auditor, Codington County
Mobile: (605) 881-7760

Bill Otoole

Bill O'Toole, Board Member
Director of Human Resources, City of Sioux Falls
Mobile: (605) 660-0299

Amy 18 Of 26

Yvonne Taylor, Ex-Officio Board Member
Executive Director, South Dakota Municipal League
Mobile: (605) 280-3633


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Justin Weiland, Board Member
City Administrator, City of Dell Rapids
Mobile: (605) 670-4723



Amy 10 Of 26

Bob Wilcox, Ex-Officio Board Member
Executive Director, South Dakota Association of County Commissioners
Mobile: (605) 280-5701

Codington County joined the SDPAA in 1989 and truly appreciates everything SDPAA has done to assist the County.  In July 2017 Codington County incurred damage to numerous County owned vehicles due to hail damage.  SDPAA was on the spot with an adjuster and made prompt payment to the County for the damages incurred by the hail event.  The staff at SDPAA is the best to work with and you can present them with any question and they will answer you quickly and/or direct you to the correct party to resolve any issues or claim questions.  Codington County looks forward to working well into the future with SDPAA. Cindy Brugman, Codington County Auditor