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Everyone purchases coverage hoping to never need it. However, when you do need us you will be working with claims personnel located right here in South Dakota. Through our local personalized claims service and prompt contact, we establish a strong relationship with you. This allows us to provide a more thorough investigation and assists us in controlling your claims, and the costs of your claims, as we move toward their conclusion. Through aggressive claims handling and management, we move toward a common objective of settling valid claims in a fair and equitable manner for all parties.

SDPAA Members:

If an incident results in a fatality, serious bodily injury, or serious property damage, please call our contract claims administration firm, Claims Associates, Inc. immediately at 888.613.7064 (during business hours) or at their afterhours emergency number 888.430.2249. 

For all other claims, please review the “How to File a Claim” document and then complete the applicable claim form or forms located on this page or call Claims Associates, Inc. at 888.613.7064 for assistance.

Other Parties:

If you are a party who has been involved in an accident with a Member of the SDPAA or wish to pursue a claim against a Member of the SDPAA, please contact that entity directly to file your claim. The SDPAA is unable to accept claims from third parties or their representatives. 


Practices Hotline

Members: consult with an
attorney with expertise in
employment law.