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Contractors and Contracts!

Be careful what you agree to! This article points out some reminders when working on your contracts... and as always.. CONSULT YOUR LOCAL COUNSEL before you sign on the line!

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Team Building

Team building - what is it, why we do it and how it helps!

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SDPAA Member Benefits - the over view of what's inside!

Coverage and Values!

A brief overview of how to review your property coverage schedules!

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SDPAA a brief look at a service driven, client focused organization!

The Allure of Public Service

David Pfeifle bids a fond farewell to his Executive Director position to answer the call of the City of Sioux Falls.

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SDPAA does an outstanding job of providing and explaining liability and property coverage. (After a thorough review) of the County's coverages with me, (the SDPAA) was able to save the County a significant amount of money by eliminating double coverage from other companies. If anyone is looking for coverage, the SDPAA does an outstanding job for its Members.  Jim Waterbury, Gregory County Auditor