It’s Good to Share

Sharing is a concept that has been instilled in us since before we were able to walk and talk. From sharing toys and candy as a toddler, to sharing a ride to the next meeting, sharing is a crucial part of our culture. When you have something good, you want to share that with others. And that’s exactly what the SDPAA is doing.

Over the past several months, the Board of Directors for the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance has carefully reviewed and considered extending the opportunity to the School Districts of South Dakota to become Members of our Pool. We believe that this opportunity will be beneficial to not only the School Districts who are able to take advantage of this opportunity, but also for the current Members of the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance.

Collective purchasing provides Members the opportunity to secure more coverage at a more competitive rate than what they may be able to obtain on their own. This collective purchasing power allows the SDPAA to maintain stable, yet competitive rates. The more entities that come together, the more there are to share in not only all of the good opportunities the SDPAA has to offer, but also the expenses associated with the handling of our claims.

School District trends and issues are not new to the staff and service providers for the SDPAA. The SDPAA Staff has over 10 years of experience working with School Districts on claims and loss control issues, as well as being active in their own local Districts. The SDPAA service providers already work with schools for claims administration and loss control / property evaluation services. Claims Associates Inc. is the claims administrator for the SDPAA, and they have school-related claims experience in SD and WY. Safety Benefits Inc. has also worked with SD school districts addressing and assisting with loss control and risk management services, as well as some property evaluation services.

Many of the current Members of the SDPAA already have relationships with school districts in our state. Our law enforcement officers are serving as school resource officers, and many of our Cities work hand in hand with the Schools to engage the community for sponsored events and activities to promote all of the positives that those entities have to offer.

If you have any questions regarding the opportunities the SDPAA has to offer, please check out our website at or contact our office at 800-658-3633 Option 2.

Lynn Bren, AIC SCLA
SDPAA Director of Member Services