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Loss Control


Find numerous resources and documents provided for you from SDPAA. From access to our video library to FAQs, we have you covered.

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Specialty Training

Please check back for information about upcoming specialty seminars offered through the SDPAA!


The SDPAA, through Safety Benefits, has developed some great training programs for you and your staff.

All of the training offered through the SDPAA is at no additional cost to Members. 

Upcoming Training Events

Online Training

Many interactive web-based safety-training programs for you to choose from.

On-Line Safety Training

Streaming Safety Training Videos (please click here if you are a first time user of this service)

Law Enforcement/Jails On-Line Training

Law Enforcement/Jail Model Policies and Procedures


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is covered as a Member?
If your entity meets the statutory requirements for coverage through SDPAA, Section II of the SDPAA’s Governmental Liability Coverage Document defines Member as follows:
  • You, including your governing body, Boards, Commissions or Councils;
  • While acting on your behalf or in your interest, any past, present or future:
    • member of your Governing Body, Boards, Commissions or Councils;
    • elected or appointed official;
    • employee acting within the scope of their employment;
    • volunteer or student who performs a service for you at your request; or=
    • volunteer fire company, volunteer ambulance service or other volunteer emergency services entity.
Are independent contractors considered a Member?

NO. An independent contractor doing work for you is not a Member.  SDPAA provides no coverage for independent contractors. You need to have a written contract requiring the contractor to hold harmless and indemnify the Member, requiring the contractor to carry appropriate insurance coverage, and also name you, the Member, as an additional insured on the independent contractor’s insurance policy.

Is workers' compensation covered under the liability and property coverage?

Workers’ compensation is a separate coverage and is specifically excluded under the liability and property coverages.

If a Member allows an organization, association, or other group to use Member’s facilities, does the Member’s liability coverage through SDPAA extend to those groups and/or participants in the event?

NO.  For example if the local Chamber of Commerce or a local sports association is using your facilities they need their own liability coverage for their activities.  The Member needs to have a written Facilities Use Agreement requiring the party to hold harmless and indemnify the Member, requiring the organization to carry appropriate insurance coverage, and also name you, the Member, as an additional insured on the organization’s insurance policy. (Click here for more information.)

What is the difference between Replacement Cost, Functional Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value?

Replacement Cost

Cost to repair or replace new with like kind and quality.  There is no deduction for depreciation. 

Functional Replacement Cost:                                                                                                                 

Typically used when replacement materials are no longer found or if a building is not being used for its original purpose.  (For example, if a school has been turned over to a city and only a portion of the building is being used for a community center.)

Instead of putting a replacement cost value on the building an agreed value is placed on the building which would represent the cost to rebuild a portion of the building (ie: a new community center in the event of a total loss). 

Actual Cash Value:   Cost to repair or replace with like kind and quality less depreciation.

What is the difference between real (building) property and personal property?

Real Property is a building you have listed on your Statement of Values including completed additions, fixtures (including outdoor fixtures), permanently installed machinery and equipment, additions under construction and new buildings under construction. 

Personal Property is property not permanently attached to buildings.  Member-owned contents (example: tables, chairs, tools, equipment not attached to the building, etc.) and personal property owned by others in your care, custody and control.   

Is 4H covered?

4H is a branch of the State of South Dakota’s Extension program. Therefore, 4H events, activities, volunteers and property are not covered by the SDPAA. 

If you have questions regarding ways to work with 4H to ensure that coverage is properly in place for their events and activities, please contact Member Services  – Lynn Bren at 605-254-6542 or Jerry Krambeck at 605-641-3721.

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Cyber Security

Here are some links to resources to help with questions regarding Cyber Security. 

Be sure to check out the SDPAA Online Training opportunities for training topics related to Cyber Security. 

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Member Documents

The information on this page is password protected and is intended for SDPAA Member use only. 

If you are a Member of the SDPAA and require a password, please click HERE for additional assistance. 


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