If you have children, or simply love LEGO Batman, you have probably said “Hello ‘Puter” to Siri, and were delighted when her response is “Hello Sir, I’ve heated up your lobster thermidor in the microwave.”  Alternatively, if you’re a Google user, simply saying “OK Google” can unlock your phone.

Websites serve a few different purposes. Many serve to entertain or inform, while others serve to gather information. Whatever the purpose, one thing is sure; like all things, maintenance and upgrades are necessary. What worked well when the Internet came to be in the 1990’s does not serve the current needs and desires of users today.

The SDPAA’s website is undergoing upgrades! Coming in November, you will find a fresh new environment, where you can find easy access to the information that we have continued to offer you as well as more up-to-date, useful and entertaining safety and risk management tidbits.

Our goal is always to provide our Members with the most up to date information in the most effective way possible. With our new website design, the home landing page will offer you short cuts to the information that is most often sought out.

Quick links are being added to take you to the claims information page. From there you will have access to claims forms, or a link to assign a claim directly to Claims Associates. Resources and loss control links are also on the front page, to quickly take you from that home landing page to the information you’re seeking, without having to scroll through drop boxes and various pages to find sample documents, or hotline information.

If you aren’t a Member but want to become one, or want more information about all the advantages of being a Member of the SDPAA, there’s a quick link to these areas as well. If you’re looking to compare your current coverage to what we have to offer at the SDPAA, there’s a place for that as well.

Our most recent news articles will still land on the front page, but the past articles will be easily located within the News tab.  Keep an eye on our news article section to see if your community is spotlighted in one of our many articles published throughout the year!

Members will be able to access training videos on varying topics, such as reporting a claim. If more intense training is needed, links to the Loss Control area are also easily accessible with a quick link.

Our new website will also include a Member friendly interactive Portal Access area which will give our Members secure access to each their specific information.  Watch for an upcoming article on our new information management system, Origami, coming later this year.

As we are upgrading our website, we encourage you to take a look at your own website. Does it still serve its purpose? Does it offer your customers quick access to the information that they are seeking? Does it gather information effectively and is it generating a response that meets your website goals? Is the information on your website still accurate? 

Do you have questions or comments for the SDPAA about or website, or curious about how to become a Member?  Contact our office at 800.658.3633, Option 2 to talk with a staff member today!