Technology Rising

EXCITING NEWS!!  SDPAA is venturing into a new age of technology.  During the course of 2017, we have been implementing Origami Risk, a governmental risk-sharing pool management information system. Origami Risk is a web-based software provider which houses our underwriting rating system and information, contains Member services information and tracking documentation, and provides up-to-date claims information from Claims Associates.

Origami Risk will allow SDPAA to streamline our renewal process online. Tasks such as additions, deletions, and printing Certificates of Coverages will be a breeze, and we will eventually offer e-signatures for returning documents.  The system will produce invoices, track contributions, and generate and store Declaration Packets along with supplemental questionnaires and other documentation requested.

A future Member Portal is also in the works which will allow Members to make changes and requests, look-up and review your specific coverage information, and pull current TIV and loss reports.  Property Valuation Reports and Loss Control Audits will be stored in each Member file for easy access and follow-up by both the SDPAA and the Member.   With the transition to Origami Risk, Members will have coverage information, documentation, and reports at the tips of their fingers.  All information will be housed in one place and we will virtually be paperless. 

We are very excited to roll out this new system and we cannot wait to get the system completely implemented and in full force.  A new age of pool management information system technology is here, and the SDPAA has jumped on the bandwagon!  We look forward to sharing more information with you as the system unfolds and the Member Portal becomes available.

For questions, contact our office at 800.658.3233, option 2 or email me at